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Chemical Characterization

Chemical characterization of metal-nonoates

The peculiar characteristics of metal-nonoates, besides the controlled release of NO, are:

  • Precision – because they release 2 mol of NO in a controlled manner.
  • Efficacy – the release of NO is due to the reaction of the pro-drug with water.
  • Solidity – metal-nonoates are stable at room temperature also and it can be easily handled and transported.
  • Versatility – metal-nonoates can be engineered to have various compounds having several NO release kinetics.
  • Absence of toxicity – preclinical tests results will be soon available online.

Significancy of the Innovation

Significancy of the Innovation

The significancy of the Innovation beside the traditional drugs used as NO Donors is represented by the property of controlled release of NO by those particular pro-drugs: Noxamet’s compounds are two orders of magnitude more powerful and their effectiveness is extended.