History of Noxamet

Noxamet Ltd was established in July 2010 as academic spin-off accredited at the Universities of Pavia and Siena, thanks to a national call for applications set by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, in which the enterprise’s project proposed to identify and develop the preclinical phase of at least three lead compounds that showed potential therapeutic activity towards many human pathologies.


In 2013, Noxamet was registered as innovative start up. The core business of the enterprise is the preclinical development of new vasodilating and endothelium protective drugs [the “metal-nonoates”, a new class of nitric oxide (NO) donors], to be primarily used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, but potentially applicable to other pathologies.


The design, synthesis, and physico-chemical characterization of the new molecules are carried out in the Noxamet laboratory located in the Department of Chemistry of the University of Pavia, while all biological and pharmacological assays on the nitric oxide releasing compounds are handled by the laboratory in the Department of Life Sciences at the University of Siena.


In addition to its core business, Noxamet recently started to develop its metal-nonoates in the agrochemical industry, as plant protecting agents against pathogens.


Noxamet Ltd is interested in partnership relations with other pharmaceutical enterprises or public institutions for scientific projects with the aim of developing new drugs or medical devices, or investigating specific signaling pathways. Primarily, the enterprise is focused on projects regarding the pharmacology of cardiovascular diseases and oncology. The firm is also interested in the development of therapeutic strategies in wound healing and ocular pharmacology as well as bioavailability of synthetic biomaterials.